Let Chaos Reign

We all know life can slip into chaos at any moment, at least that's what recent years have shown us. In order to rule those chaotic instances of life, we have to be tough and push through. Sometimes we need to have that extra boost and get CAFFEINATED. King of Chaos Coffee Company will give you what you need, in delicious and fresh ways, so you can "Adapt, Improvise and Overcome."

Become royalty of chaos!

Well, let's engulf ourselves in it.

  • Veteran owned and operated

  • Fresh roasted and ground to order

  • “Let chaos reign, then rein in chaos.”

Gourmet Coffee

oh snap son!

Our amazing coffee will be the best thing you will taste this side of the multiverse. Freshly roasted, for extreme coffee flavor!

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    Check your self before you wreck your self

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  • The Chaotic Gear

    T-shirts, stickers, and more

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    Caffeinated to the MAX with our Breakfast Blend + (the plus sign means EXTRA caffeine)

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  • About Us

    King of Chaos Coffee Co. is proudly owned and operated by a disabled U.S. War Veteran. He loves coffee and wants to help his brothers and sisters in arms by donating and giving back part of the sales to local veteran organizations.

    War is Chaos, it takes a King to be the victor. Our coffee is fresh, gourmet and roast to order so that we can guarentee the best, absolute freshest flavors. You know you can't wait to try it... or at least wear some of our must-have chaotic gear.

  • The Founder and CEO

    Founded by a Navy and Army guy with twelve years of wartime service. He thinks he knows a thing or two about good coffee...

  • Stay Tuned for the EPIC podcast

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